Chapter 2(Running app on Linux with Docker) IBM Cloud

Hi everyone!
Tried to reproduce terminal commands from 2nd chapter, like:
kitura idt
after this command I had a warning:

[install_plugins] Finished installing/updating plugins
[env_setup] WARN : Please restart your shell to enable ‘ic’ alias for ibmcloud!

[install] Install finished.

[main] --==[ Total time: 229 seconds ]==–
if i use kitura build, after kitura idt I have issue:

Validating Docker image name


Checking if Docker container emojijournalserver-swift-tools is running


Checking Docker image history to see if image already exists


Creating image emojijournalserver-swift-tools based on Dockerfile-tools …

Dumping output from the command:

Error: failed to run IBM Cloud Developer Tools

Run ‘kitura idt’ to install

What should I do to fix it?

@eldaradelshin Do you still have issues with this?