Chapter 2, page 41-42

Hi!, I have a question about the button animation (pag 41 and 42), when you tab the button “Log in” this increase and moves down when you tab the first one time, and the second and third one too, if you tab “Log in” again and this grow y moves down infinitely, this is correct?!

greetings from Chile
Jaime R.




In chapter 3, challenge number 2, you will make a resetForm() method which restores everything to its original starting position and appearance.

Once you have done that, you can run the login sequence, and at the end it will reset the form so you can do it again. Until then, you have what we call a “work in progress.” :wink:

Hello! I did the homework and it works as you indicated. I also made a small change, add line “self.loginButton.isEnabled = false” in func ShowMessage() at the end, and line “self.loginButton.isEnabled = true” in func resetForm() at the beginning, and it worked as I was looking for, …

Thank you!

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