Chapter 2: BobbleEnemy Body

I am having trouble importing the BobbleEnemy Body model, it looks perfectly fine in blender but when I import it to unity as an fbx file it looks all weird and disconfigurated. I looked through this forum and saw that others had this same issue, but the only solution given was to use the correct version of the software. I am using Unity 2018.1 and Blender 1.7.9, so in theory I should not be having this issue, but I am. Is there anything that can be done inside blender or unity to fix this?

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same issue but i have Blender 2.81 and Unity 2019.3.15f1
Enemy body falls to pieces in Unity

@josh1361 I don’t think you have to import them. Just move the prefab stuff to your prefab game folder.

@majidmoghadam for now you have to use the right version of the software or it will not work. Unity 2018.1 and Blender 1.79

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