Chapter 19: image on top of Icon label

For some reason after I’ve finished section connected with Icons adding to the checklists, the Icon image is now on top of the Icon label (screenshot below). I tried to re-do all the constraints (5 times actually :]) and even tried making them exactly the same as in source code, still no success.
I also tried to compared the code in ListDetailViewController, no difference there either.
Could anyone, please, help with possible solution for this?

BR, Kirill

Not quite sure what might be going on, but can’t really see what’s happening without the actual project code. So, please upload your project as a ZIP file somewhere and provide a link to the ZIP file so that I (or someone else) can download the file and see what might be going on.

Added it to Google: Checklists. Other than positioning everything seems to be working fine. Anyways, should better learn what’s wrong with it :slight_smile: And I couldn’t figure it out on my own.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Your iconImage outlet was connected to the table view cell rather than the UIImageView. So if you correct that, the app should work correctly :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!
I thought once there is something wrong with it being named “Icon Image” and not “Table View Cell”, but for somewhat reason didn’t dig into it (at least, thought that it should not mess constraints up), now it makes sense and surely adds some knowledge to me :slight_smile:
Now I am starting to feel what does learning on own mistakes and bugs feel :slight_smile:

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