Chapter 18: API Authentication, Part 1

Hi !
I reached the part “Basic Authentication” in chapter 18.
In order to install Authenticate, I needed to do vapor update.
When I run again, the project compiles, but then on every request to the database, I get the following error :

[ ERROR ] PostgreSQLError.server.error.parserOpenTable: relation “User” does not exist

Can anybody tell me if I did something wrong, or if it’s a bug introduced by a new Vapor release ?

PS: byt he way, I had the same error when I took my project from chapter 17 and tried to use it for chapter 18.
I needed to start from the starter project given with the book.


@freddyf unfortunately the latest Fluent RC has changed the table names so you need to revert your DB and start again to make it work

Ah ok, thanks for the info.
Do I need to wipe out the DB, or can I just pass revert --all --yes in the launch arguments, as you showed in chapter 18?


Both should work, but if the revert command doesn’t when then reset the whole DB. I tend to do that anyway since it’s easier with Docker