Chapter 17 - Improved Data Model

I am using Xcode 11.7 and iOS Apprentice 8.3. I am working on Chapter 17. I have run into a problem where I no longer have data persistence. I modified the SceneDelegate.swift file according to the instructions. I also tried to compare the SceneDelegate.swift file with the one in the Chapter-17-final file supplied with the iOS Apprentice Tutorial. There is no such file. Please advise. Thank you.

What is your problem? - I’m finishing the chapter and I can persist the data, are you moving your app to background before stop it from Xcode?

I was not moving it to the background first. I do have data persistence. Thanks for the help.

Hi @brozelle! Welcome to the forum community. Were you able to view the file after all?


Great news, there was a little note about stopping from Xcode kills your app with no mercy and doesn’t call disconnect. :+1:t6:

Yes. Thank you for your time!

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