Chapter 17 Detail Activity: How to Copy from Starter Projects?

When the book states ‘copy from starter project’, what are the exact steps expected: use Mac Finder to copy from Starter folder to my Project (or my Mac Finder folder), or open the Starter project and drag-drop from Starter project to my project?

The Mac Finder view is totally different than the Android Studio project view in structure and contents.

Grateful for more ‘apprentice’ specific step-by-step guidance, and maybe an image of how to ’ copy the files from all of the drawable folders, including everything with the .hdpi, .mdpi, .xhdpi and .xxhdpi extensions.’ stated in the book.

In fact, it would be most helpful also to explain how to OPEN a Starter project (which Mac Finder file to look for, etc).

@tblank Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

This proved the most useful link; check the Fangming post.


Drag-Drop seems to work too.

HI @mazen_kilani,

Thank you for your feedback on this section. Just to be clear, are you stuck and looking for guidance at this point, or is this a suggestion for future revisions of the book?


Hi @tblank

I moved on. Thanks StackOverflow!

Thank @mazen_kilani! We will consider providing more guidance in this area for the next revision.