Chapter 12 - Starter Project

The starter project no longer builds with SwiftyJSON 4.
JSON(data:) now throws and it’s not handled by starter project in ApiController.swift line 102.

I’ve changed it to this (haven’t tested but should be okay I guess. Assuming it never throws…):

return request)
      .map {
        do {
          return try JSON(data: $0)
        } catch {
          return JSON()

I feel like Chapter 12 overall still needs updates. There are also some other issue pointed out by other posts in forums.
Just a suggestion :]


Just wanna add that Chapter 13’s starter project seems to be up to date. (Spoiler, it’s still the Wundercast app.)
The return block is like this:

return request).map { try JSON(data: $0) }

I found this as well and changed it as you did.

Just faced this issue as well! Thanks for posting a workaround!

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