Chapter 12. Acronym Cell Labels

Theres one thing I cannot seem to understand. In the book code we seem to populate cells text and detail text labels with acronym data, yet in the storyboard of the starter project we have a prototype cell with a unique identifier and custom Title and Subtitle labels. How are these labels connected to the code without a prototype cell class?

The cells in the iOS project are a standard ‘Detail’ type, meaning they have a title and subtitle. They’re not completely custom cells. So when we get the cell in the view controller we can set the title and subtitle properties and that will get reflected in the cell - make sense?

Thanks for the reply! Makes total sense now. Never occurred to me to check for the cell type :slight_smile: Now I need to figure out the trick of moving labels around. Right now they seem to be fixed in place.

Setting cell type to “Subtitle” does the trick of rearranging labels. :ok_hand: