Chapitre 2 page 50

I have a problem with this line :

bowtie.tintColor = UIColor.color(dict: colorDict)

Xcode give me this error : "UIColor has no member ‘color’ "
Is anybody can Help me please ??

Hi @keldii,
If you read the last block on Page 50, you will realise that there is no typo. The function is defined just there.



Feedback for Ray and team: I think that it would be useful in the typography to systematically differentiate between methods that you get for free, and those that will eventually be written by the learner. Using italics, bolding, adding asterisks, highlight in a different color, or whatever would help.

@afinque Thanks very much for your feedback. It’s an interesting point, and be useful. I will convey your sentiments to the “powers that be” :slight_smile:


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