Chaper 3 - Unable to run tests || error "could not load inserted library"


I am unable to run test. i used starter and final code both. Getting below error

dyld: could not load inserted library ‘/Users/xxxx/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/FitNess-cmblocfpmnuyzddrcgrfntpyffsf/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/’ because image not found


do i need to change any setting? I am using iphone X simulator with ios 12.1

I have not seen this particular error before. What Xcode are you using?

I am using xcode 11.4.
Tried xcode 11.1 also, however same error.

@pinani Do you still have issues with this?

@pinani Hello. Were you able to resolve the issue? I am getting the same error on Xcode 11.6. Any help is appreciated

I just ran into this issue. Workaround was to use a different simulator (switched from iPod touch (7th gen) to iPhone 12).

@biks Do you still have issues with this?

@pagemaster Thank you for sharing your solution - much appreciated!