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FYI: The asset image Golden Swift, the pirate best friend, seems to be missing from the download file. Also the image treasure map, is also missing. We’re not going to find that treasure without a map and a swift to guide us !
Just noticed that, the 2 images are missing from the start folder, but are in the end folder.

Have a nice day.

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Hi! Thanks for letting us know about the missing files. I’ve updated the materials for all of the episodes you commented on so far.

Thanks. Happy New Year to the Catterwaul family !


@nilocski Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated! :]

Hi! It seems that UiButton “height” property becomes broken after placing it inside a stack or adding a constraint to it. How to fix this? Or more generally how may I make a fixed-height button and correctly add constraints to it?

Hi! Once you’re using Auto Layout, you need to add a constraint to control a view’s height. That includes buttons. You can constrain the height to a specific size like this:

Add Height Constraint

And you can edit the constraint later from the view’s list of constraints in the size inspector:

Size Inspector

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