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Now this one is more confusing as we have already created a dedicated file for BookViews, our challenge was to make another Book related view called BookRow, but this time it was just placed in the ContentView file. Hopefully you can understand how this seems pretty confusing.

File organization is a personal choice, so I can only provide guidelines. You’ll find your own style over time. The rationale here is that BookRow will only be used in this file. The views in the other file will be used in multiple other files.

Later in this course, you’ll learn about the private modifier, to make the choice more meaningful: that is, if you’re going to only use a type within the file it’s defined, then it should be private.

Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation.


Just to let you know, I had to really get way above average in Swift before I was able to understand everything in this tutorial. So for starters, make sure you understand EVERYTHING from the documentation first and can explain concepts before you want to conquer and take a lot out of this tutorial. For beginners, it is still too demanding. I personally appreciate this tutorial as it is kind of the “deep-dive” one and quite neat approaches are showcased BUT a beginner will never be able to appreciate it. I personally think that it would be much more practical just to cover the overall basics of making this app work instead of showcasing the more advanced techniques. Nonetheless, this one is valuable but not for the light-hearted, only the ones that take SWIFT and iOS Programming seriously.

Im sorry but you saying to a complete beginner that its a"personal choice"??? What kind of personal choice? I don’t have a personal choice im a beginner. And you are jumping back and forth in the lessons I can’t keep up. I didn’t pay money because I wanted to be wowed by how fast you are or how much you know. I wanted to learn and right now this seems like a complete waste of time. Teaching someone doesn’t mean that run through the lesson fast and saying “you learned this before” and then say “You wil see this man times”. Well…Then bloody tell me many times…

I just don’t understand

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 12.53.15

On the right is the tutorial, on the left is my mess…

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 12.52.40

@mark0 You get the Expected ‘)’ in expression list error because you forgot to add the closing bracket to the following line of code:


Please let me know if you have any other questions or issues about the whole thing. Thank you!