Ch. 11 Riverpod?

I know it’s reaching for me to ask more out of an already great book, but I suspect that there would be a lot on interest in a chapter on riverpod. I think that this chapter could be quite unique as riverpod could be used in dart only. Also, such a chapter would help a lot readers transfer some their dart knowledge to vast world of building flutter apps.

Thanks again for the wonderful book!!

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That would be an interesting topic. It’s might be a better topic for a tutorial on or an advanced Dart book, though. The reason I say that is this beginners book has stayed with pure Dart or packages from the Dart team, while Riverpod is a third-party package.

That said, I have written a couple of my own tutorials before about Riverpod (though not the Dart version):

I like Riverpod but I’ve actually personally moved on to a more minimalistic approach, which I wrote about here:

That article is also about Flutter but you could do something very similar in pure Dart with GetIt.

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