CatNap, Chapter 10, no hook and line

I followed the directions correctly, and even started with the starter file for chapter 10, but on page 269, I build the game and no hook or rope appears? I looked at the final project file, the downloaded book file, and it seems to have the same problem!

It takes too long to find solutions for the problems with the code for this book. I am just going to try to follow along and if I run into any more problems, I will just skip ahead.

I wanted to make a 2d SpriteKit game for the App Store, but this book is making it difficult to follow along with the problems I am having. I will have to find another book on SpriteKit 2d games.

This book really needs to be updated!! I know it won’t be because Unity is more popular for creating games and Xcode is not.

@game_gecko Do you still have issues with this?

I had to skip the chapter and move on. I didn’t reread the chapter and try to see if I could fix it. I had other things to do and wasn’t able to get back to reading the book. But I just started reading again and up to chapter 13.

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