Categories in iOS13

Hi Friends,

When I called a method, which is defined in category in iOS13-Beta (Objective C), it is getting crashed. Can anyone help me to figure out the issue?


hi @jeeshna.jijesh,
You might want to post some code to allow someone to see what the problem is and try to help




I created a category inside a framework . And I am calling the same from a method inside framework only.

Method Defenition:

  • ( void )convert {

UInt64 length = (UInt64)strtoull([ self UTF8String], NULL , 16);

NSLog(@“The required Length is %llu”, length);


Calling Category method:
NSString *hexString = @“01FFFFAB”;
[hexString convert];

On execution the app crashes and the error message is
‘-[__NSCFConstantString convert]: unrecognised selector sent to instance 0x1002b0c50’

Similar errors are occurring for other categories too

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