Capsule Collider for Chapter 9 and 10 Player Object


So i went back and redid the the whole FPS tutorial from the start. Got to the same spot and it works.
I’m still a little confused why the screenshot of the player object in chapter 9 includes the “Character Collider” and “Rigid Body” attributes.

I’m not sure why it wasn’t working before. Spelling mistake perhaps?


I’m a little lost at the moment. Loving the book so far but I seem to have missed an important step in chapter 9.

Note, Im using the PDF, so all page numbers are from the PDF version.

On page 228 it states:
“With first person controller added, you just need to configure the capsule collider. A first person character controller comes with a plain old regular character controller which already contains a capsule collider. You can learn more about character controllers in Chapter 4, “Physics”.”

It then continues on configuring the Character Controller. Nothing else is said about the Capsule Collider.

Jump ahead now and on page 246, the “Player” object seems to contain a seperate “Character Collider” and “Rigid Body” attributes as shown in the screenshot image.

Jumping ahead again to Chapter 10, page 260 there is a method that calculates if a Robot Missile collides with the player. This never equates to true on my current version.

I tried loading up the project in the “final” folder for Chapter 10 and it also doesn’t have “Character Collider” and “Rigid Body” attributes for the Player object. When I run it there doesn’t ever seem to be any collisions happening between the player and the missiles.

I’ve checked and Im using v1.1 of the PDF (the current version). What am I missing?