Can't see Collada files in Xcode editor

I followed step by step the book but I can’t see the 3d models in the Xcode editor. If I import a sphere from the Xcode object library no problem at all, but when I import a Collada file I can select it and I can see the arrows to change the position, but I don’t see the actual object. Maybe it is a stupid problem but I can’t figure it out. Thanks in advance.

Hi @lordsus, have you tried selecting the diffuse property option on the right side of material inspector to make sure your texture is selected?


Yes I think it is ok, the material goes fine if I apply it to a sphere, but I can’t see the 3d models from the resources of the book neither with nor without materials. I can’t continue the book if I can’t see the dices objects… Thanks anyway

Ok, I tried several time to import the objects again and now it works. Maybe it was just an Xcode bug, but it was very annoying.