Cant find solution error Provisioning Profile

My app is finished and i had some non fatal errors so i’m cleaning it up.
The last one i cant find the solution to the error.

This is the error : The provisioning profile “iOS Team Provisioning Profile: com.mitch.GetTheEgg” is expiring soon

Please help
Thank you !

Try erasing the profile and recreating it and replacing it in your app with the new one.

Oke and where can i erase my profile ?

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

i deleted my account and added it again but it still shows the error i have a screenshot now.
The error shows only when i run my app on my iphone 6s when i run the app on the simulator it does not show the error.

I had the same problem. I made sure all the profiles were up to date in the developer centre but that didn’t remove the warning from Xcode.

I fixed it by going to Xcode Preferences, Accounts, choose my developer account from under Apple IDs.

Then choose the team and click the View Details button.
From the list I deleted all the old profiles and made sure any missing were downloaded and the warning went away.

Hope that helps you too.