Cannot run app on iPhone SE simulator, why?

While in my Main.storyboard file, I can choose (at the bottom of my screen…what exactly is that section called?) “View as: iPhone SE”. However, when I attempt to run the app on the simulator, there is no option for running the app on iPhone SE, only iPhone 8 and above. Could someone please let me know why this is, and if there is a way to run the app in the simulator on iPhone SE? Thank you.

Hi @kiwiandthemango,
My first impulse would have been about the upgradability of the device to iOS 13, however iPhone SE does support iOS 13.

The reason why you cannot see the simulator is that it is not a common device used for testing. So it is not added or available by default. The way to get the iPhone SE simulator is click on the drop down which shows you the simulators available. Select the ‘Add Additional Simulators’ or click the ‘Window’ → ‘Devices And Simulators’ menu option (shortcut Shift + CMD + 2) and you can now click the ‘+’ icon at the bottom to create a new simulator with the settings you need.


Thank you, this was most helpful!

@kiwiandthemango, you are welcome :+1:t3:

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