Canadians Being Wrongly Taxed on Digital Book Downloads

I notice RW is charging 13% on book purchases for Canadians. Canadians don’t pay 13% on books. That’s incorrect. It’s 5%. Ontario doesn’t charge the provincial tax on book sales. I don’t recall paying taxes on digitial books from RW before. This is something new. Actually I’m just looking into this. I don’t think Canadians should be paying tax on digital books downloaded from a site. I think this is incorrect. I’ve never paid it before and have downloaded from the biggest publishers.

Yes I have noticed the same with subscriptions also……

Hi @onceunpopularideas

I’m not sure that this is correct—e-book sales should be marked as tax free in Canada I think. And looking at your recent transactions I don’t see any tax being charged or withheld. If you are seeing tax on your receipts then please don’t hesitate to contact support at and we’ll take a look at it and sort any necessary refunds.


ok. thanx. i was going by the cart total and breakdown which was showing 13% tax on digital books. i didn’t pull the trigger; so it’s possible it would not have included tax in the final total. i’ll reach out if i have issues going forward.

I was 100% charged taxes on my last two purchases including my subscription fee, not sure if there is a bug as I have made a lot of purchases and this was the first time I am also getting hit with a tax.

I have also just emailed support.

this issue still not fixed