Can we have a section about distribution of an app with app extensions?

Hi there,

This book is very resourceful and I found it very helpful.

However, it does not cover the distribution of an app with app extensions? For example, currently, I am working on an iPhone app which has an iMessage extension. The knowledge I learned from this book does not cover that area and I am struggling with it.

I am just wondering if it is possible that it can be covered in this book.

Thank you,

Hi Spencer! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the book and found it helpful.

We discussed having a section about app extensions, however, we didn’t include it in the 1st edition since adding an app extension doesn’t go much beyond adding additional profiles or entitlements. I can see that different extensions may require different treatments in the way you generate profiles or entitlements, though.

We’ll definitely take your suggestion into consideration for the future releases.

That is great news. Look forward to seeing it in version 2. Thanks!!!