Can I operate the printer from iPhone wireless?

Can the operating system of the ios device support the HP Designjet T520 printers driver? I have an iPhone now want to install the driver of the HP Designjet T520 printer driver on this ios operating system do this supports or not? Those who are using the iPhone and the HP Designjet T520 printer will better know, please reply to me.

Hi @jonsmith7, welcome to the forum community! If you haven’t yet, I would suggest taking a look at the HP site documentation and or maybe having a look at the manual that is usually provided with the printer.

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Thanks for your kind information. I will check.

Hi @jonsmith7,
To be able to print from your iOS device your printer needs to support Air Print. Here is a list of all devices that support Air Print (

short answer to your question, YES you can print to this device from iOS. You do not need to install any drivers.


To operate the printer from Iphone wireless, you need to install Apple Air print which will help to print from most of the IOS apps which have print features

it also gets to mov to mp4

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