Call for Unity Tutorial Topics

Hey Everyone,

The Unity team currently has a lot of tutorials in the works, but we’d love to know what you’d love to see on the site. Please share with us your ideas and we’ll add them to our internal tutorial list.

Ultimately, we’d love for the site to be a one-stop-shop for all your Unity needs so please share with us what you’d like covered on the site. The more topics, the merrier!


Hi! I would love to see a tutorial on integrating Unity with a swift app. Getting Unity to run in a view within an app could allow for some really interesting gameplay ideas not least it could allow the power of the iOS interface to combine with the quality of Unity 3D experience, especially within a virtual reality context. Current tutorials available are falling short and don’t really cover swift so it would be a genuine benefit to the community.

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I’d love to see the build and launch process of a couple kinds of games (varying styles to show how one might deal with animations and effects vs a simpler app). And, see that happen through Unity across varied devices / platforms.

I know the back-end tasks are not always super exciting compared to design…but I know I’ve lost momentum at times after creating something great, but not sure how to release it efficiently to the widest audience. There many forum posts that say “well, there’s many ways to do it” and I believe that…but watching some tutorials on at least ONE way would be really encouraging! :slight_smile:

A ‘series’ on creating character conrollers inspired (read: copied) from different games, would be great!

One great way to learn would be recreating known control patterns from your favorite games. For example, start real simple, showing how you would create pong, then mario, maybe a pokemon. Obviously not the whole game and the games mechanics, just the way you control the characters. Then you can move onto more modern games like a basic RTS, TPS and FPS controllers.

The most important thing is showing how to tweak anything to your likeing.

A problem Im having right now is trying to learn how to make a third person game. With youtube If you don’t want to make the game EXACTLY like how they do you’re screwed because they don’t explain how to make any changes. For example in splinter cell your character will always face the way you’re moving, but in gears of war you can move sideways. Just using the character controllers that come with unity isnt great, if you don’t like them then it would be great to know how to create your own. It’s only a little change but being able to create exactly what you want by yourself would be an amazing skill to have when learning.


Thanks for the suggestion, that’s a pretty cool idea! Smooth, fluid character movement can often enhance a game and bring out its true potential by giving the player the feeling they’re in full control.

I can’t promise yet when we’ll bring out a tutorial like this, but I’m adding it to the wishlist as I love the idea.


I’d really like a tutorial on 3D tile based games.

A new updated tutorial on how to make a Unity game that uses WIFI and Bluetooth and able to connect all types of phones to play the game. The current tutorial on this topic is outdated. This would be awesome to have because we need more games to play on a local network!!

Hey Guys,

I’m having many good ideas of what kind of tutorials you could do!

1.) I think many of the guys in your forums would like to develop for mobile devices, and in my opinion the most good Games in the Appstore are 2D-Games. You do the most money out of doing Multiplayer-Games, and theres no real reference on how you can really do a good multiplayer, because it’s much complicated. It would be so nice, if there was ONE place you could take all your infos, code and experience from. The next thing is: Touch Controls for mobile devices. And I dont mean the standart Touch-Input, I mean things like gestures, pinch to zoom, swipe etc., how you can use Gyroscopes/Accelerators of different devices like iPhones and Android-Phones, to have ONE code, and to really do a Multi-Platform-Game.

2.) I would like to learn how I can link a Database into my Unity Game. I would love to be able to program a game interface, where people can login into my game with username and password, in which they have their own Gaming-Profile, where you can store things like different world-rankings, but also items or skins, currency in the game, achievements, a message-system to chat with other people and so on, these little things are those things good Games really need to have!!! I would love to learn how I can do Item-Shop for different skins or weapons. You could do so much more when you had a Database instead of PlayerPrefs. You could achieve this with SQL-Databases and you would also need to learn a bit PHP, but I mean whats the Problem, PHP isn’t more complicated then C#.

3.) I would like to have a tutorial on a bit more complicated 2D Games, there is especially one Game I would like to know how to program it: Kami 2. Maybe it would be possible to put a tutorial for that game on the website. There is tons of standart “how to program a space invaders clone” or things like this, where you hit enemies with projectiles and so on, u can find those low-level tutorials everywhere on the internet. What I would want to have are some Game-Tutorials that u CAN’T find on any site.

If you had books on these three Chapters I would really pay good money for that, because this is what you need to really go pro and what you can’t find anywhere, or you can but u really need a big time effort.

I hope you release something really good in the future, because Unity has so much potential because it is multi platform. I love the way you do your tutorials and they are so much better then anything I’ve seen so far. But I think you could go a step further with Unity.

Many greetings from Germany,

Some great ideas here! I’ll be sure to keep them in mind. :smile: