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Call for Applicants: raywenderlich.com Update Team

Become a part of the raywenderlich.com community and practice your Swift skills by joining our brand new update team!

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Hi, Greg!
I’d like to help out of the update team. Is there still an opening? I recently sent you all the errata on the Swift Apprentice Book and had also done so for the Core Data book’s authors.
I have an application in the system for a technical editor, but there haven’t been opportunities, so far. Although Ray has said he’d short-list me. So maybe I can help with updates?
Tell me what I can give you for info.
-Paul Crowell

Hi @kstars, there’s no separate update team anymore and the teams are more platform-based (iOS, Swift, OS X, Android, etc.)

Also, I’m not looking after any of the teams anymore so I can’t help with that. I’d suggest pinging Ray again or perhaps Mic to see what the openings are like these days.

Thanks for your interest and I hope there’ll be a good fit for you somewhere on the team!