Buy C# Courses individualy

Hey…after watching the beginners c# course i would like to watch these 2:

Intermediate Programming with C#

C# Collections, Lambdas, and LINQ

Can i pay for these 2 only ? I don’t need the other ones.Currently i am reading unity games by tutorials and that would really help to understand c# better.


Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to purchase a monthly subscription and try to complete those sections as quickly as you need to.

@crazybulldog Thanks very much for your question!

Unfortunately you can’t purchase courses individually. However, because of the low price that we offer for a monthly subscription, you get a much better value by getting access to all of our courses for one low price. This allows you to not be restricted in the courses you have access to, and allows you to gain immediate access to brand new courses that we produce once they are available. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best.

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