Bull's Eye Chapter 4 | Possibly wrong organization

Following this guide on Chapter 4: Outlets | Calculating the points scored (page 101) you share how to get the score, and the reduced algorithm to reach it.

Later on, on page 107, Chapter 5 you explain about algorithms, and removing the code already created before without tell about it.

I think this part should be explained before, or… the code given on 101 should be another one.

Then following this chapter (talking about chapter 5) all the explanation is how to create the score label and it was already created on the chapter before and also as an exercise.

The whole chapter 5 doesn’t make sense to have it except for the part where you explain about algorithms, and how you reach the score.

@fdorado985 Thanks very much for sharing.

I am sorry you found the explanations and/or the order misplaced, which caused confusion for you. Often times authors have to decide which area to focus on for a particular chapter, and thus may delay the explanation of a particular element for later only because something else is taking a priority, and also to avoid creating a significantly big chapter followed by a much smaller chapter. Perhaps in a future update, the structure will be better organized, with explanations that make more sense.

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