Bugs in book/code

I am in the middle of working my way through your book.
Like the format so far, but i have gotten a little frustrated with a couple of bugs originating from the code snippets/book or the starter projects.

What i have found so far:

For the Pokerdice game, when adding logic to start the game, there is an error, because there was previously added logic in the add pointer logic to set the state to .swipe, which means it doesn’t function as you describe in your book, when you say try it out, this should happen. (can’t remember the precise chapter)

chapter 9 for the portal. if i base my code on the starter project, the portal room will move as i move my phone. This doesn’t happen in the final project. I haven’t been able to figure out then difference, the only stuff i could see where number changes to the constants, but my room is still moving, using the starter and copy pasting the snippets from the book… (i dont know if the problem is from the starter project, or the code snippets.)
Also through all the portal chapters, there is duplicates of the project code, contains both a starter, final and projects folder, where the projects folder again contains a starter and a final folder.

When you find the error for the portal, could you let me know? I has bugged me for a couple of hours now, so i want to know what went wrong :wink:

@namrata.bandekar Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

@mhdtrifork The only reason I can think of the portal room moving is if the ARAnchor is not set properly for the various parts of the room. The ARAnchor helps the ARSession determine the position of the virtual object relative to the real world. Thank you for bringing up the issue with the project code. We will make sure to correct it for future updates.

@chrislanguage could you help with the Pokerdice issue mentioned here?