Books shipping cost to Japan


Sorry if this isn’t the right category, but I can’t post a topic under “book” (has to be under one title only), and there is no general - books (or tutorials), so only option left was to post here.

Anyway, I want to buy the books+pdfs bundle, but just was wondering about the shipping costs and if there was a cheaper option?
When checking out, the taxes + shipping end up over 16% extra on the bundle cost (especially that the tax applies to price + shipping rather than the price only, hiking the price further). I wonder if there is a more economical shipping?


Hey @einharch - the shipping costs are automatically calculated by your shipping address. If it seems too much, you might check - we also sell the print book there and maybe it’s a bit cheaper for you. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the answer.

I couldn’t find your Amazon account (the only one I found had only a Cocos2D book with free shipping, other books were by different people, all with free shipping though :sweat_smile:)

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered the lot, been waiting a long time already, looking forward to devour them :grimacing:.