Bobblehead wars - alien head falling through floor

I’m on chapter 8 and made a mistake - I dragged the AlienDeathParticles Prefab into the Alien prefab and overwrote the Alien prefab. Up until that point everything was working perfectly.

I ended up having to re-create the alien prefab and went through the earlier chapters to ensure I did everything I was supposed to to the alien.

Everything seems to work fine, except that when you shoot the alien the head most of the time the head seems to disappear and all I’m left with is the alien blood particles. When I reduce the gravity to -90 I can see that the heads seem to float down (yet at -900 it is almost too quick to see), occasionally a head will bounce along the floor as it is supposed to but most of the time they fall through.

I didn’t have the issue before I messed up the prefab which suggests it is not an issue with the code but something else I’ve done wrong.

Also to be clear the aliens when alive do not fall through the floor - only the heads after the alien is shot. The head has a ridged body attached, and a sphere collider which has been disabled.

Any help appreciated!

Did you ever solve this? I’m getting the exact same problem…

This is a difficult problem to diagnose without looking at the project. If an object is falling through the floor, then collision either isn’t occuring or it’s being told to be ignored. I’d first check to see if you didn’t uncheck the layer in the Physics menu. Next, check the alien head and corresponding code.

You’re also welcome to send me the project to and I’ll happily take a look.