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Our biggest-ever Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale launches next week. Don’t miss it!

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How about an upgrade for past years people who bought book package and want to complete their collection? I paid few years back for one package and the next year a complete edition of all books came out on sale for just a bit more. But I had to pay to get it again. Overlapping my previous purchase which made 0 sense and your policies weren’t flexible at all. Hope to see better care for your paying customers. I have been voting with my wallet ever since :slight_smile:

Hey @cybermew – we generally put individual books on at a deep discount each Black Friday, to give readers an option to backfill their libraries with the books they didn’t get in previous bundles. Maybe that’s an option for you? In any case, I do appreciate the note. Thanks.

My subscription is due to renew tomorrow!!!

Can I have it extended by one day so that I can see what deals are available tomorrow?

@elliotw: I think your renewal might already be in progress, but don’t worry - have a look at what we announce tomorrow, and if you want to change anything around, simply get in touch with our customer support folks at and they’ll make sure you don’t miss out on anything unfairly due to your renewal date!

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Great! Thanks!

Do you know roughly what time we’ll get to see the deals tomorrow? I need to know when to start smashing the refresh button :joy:

It’s already ‘tomorrow’ here in the UK!!!

@elliotw: we’re just starting the deploy of the back-end sale elements now. Shouldn’t be long!