Birds of Jordan: Android & iOS Flutter Magic!

Birds of Jordan contains a collection of 255 professional photographs of 50 wildlife birds in Jordan (Middle East) by Dr. Rasem Keilani, a renowned surgeon and ex-President of Jordan Photographic Society. He was given special permission by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature to take photographs of birds in Jordan’s reservations. The app also contains bi-lingual (English/Arabic) briefs on each bird and light-hearted quizzes for educational entertainment.

Technically, the app is written 100% in Flutter/Dart and is published on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. It has the same code base generating the 2 apps on the 2 platforms. The apps are similar (but not identical) in appearance and identical in content. A much harder task if written by Kotlin and Swift (and I have 50 other iOS/Swift apps published so far).

Flutter/Dart is simply magic. I’ll never write another app in any other SDK or language. Check it out on both Stores to appreciate my commitment. Thank you.

Search for ‘Birds of Jordan’.

@mazen_kilani Congratulations and keep up the good work! :]

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