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I feel like I must have missed it, but nowhere in the section on adding items to the checklist do I see any code that actually takes the data from AddItemViewController and adds it to the checklistItems array. Because of this, I don鈥檛 ever see the checklist expand with the newly added item鈥 Am I missing it? If so, what video and time marker does it happen in?

Sorry for the confusion - I鈥檓 sure it must be there, but I just can鈥檛 see it!

You get to that part in the next part. All you鈥檝e done in this part is create a new item and then create a new view controller. The next part actually the code you are looking for.


Excellent - I鈥檝e gotten there now. Sorry for the confusion. Nice course, BTW.


In the most basic terms what is a delegate method?

@ericsutton33 Please check out this tutorial when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!

@bdmoakley could you please explain a bit more detailed function checking if text should be changed in "Control events " part.
I do not understand the need to use Range(range, in: oldText) and replacingCharacters(in: stringRange, with: string) funcs.