Beginning iOS Debugging - Part 2: Breakpoints | Ray Wenderlich Videos

Pause your app in the middle of execution using breakpoints. Use the breakpoint navigator to view and manage all the breakpoints in your project.

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Now the following points are not wrt to this course specifically, but i couldnt find where to post my issue . sorry to bother you @ jerbeers

One of the issues in video courses is that there is no auto play in the videos.
And the video speed and resolution is not persisted over the next videos … as such most of the videos as too short … which results in an irritating experience

Thanks for the great feedback. I’ll be sure to pass it along.

Hey Rahul!

I totally agree that the lack of autoplay and that speed doesn’t persist between videos is annoying. It’s on our short list of features to fix in the upcoming redesign of our site. Thanks for the feedback and I hope you’re enjoying this course! :]