Beginning iOS Animations - Part 2: Beginning | Ray Wenderlich

Learn the basics of animating constraints to create animations in an Auto Layout based project.

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Thanks you, this is toturial great

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Hey, I downloaded material and tried to run Options.playground but nothing happens. I just see simulator get launched. Am I missing anything?

How does part 3 of the challenge work? When I click on the playground button, it does nothing, does not show animations, nor does it allow me to click the Animate button! Button.

Hi @mentalex and @xevo_sub2!

I’m attaching a screenshot to show you what should be happening. Make sure the timeline is selected in the assistant editor on the right. It may take a minute for the view to load the first time after clicking the “play” button in lower left corner of the playground. If it still isn’t working, make sure the simulator isn’t still running from the other parts of the challenge or demo, then try reloading the playground.

I got it!
Thank you very much! @catiecatterwaul

I apologize in advance if this reply is going directly to you Catie. I am attempting to ask my question to the group as a whole but I’m not sure how to do that. Anyway, I am unclear on why the first call to view.layoutIfNeeded() which deals with the title label … doesn’t need to be put inside an animation block while the second call does need to be in an animation block.


Just watching these videos now. Hopefully you already figured out the answer to your question, but in case anyone else has the same question later on: it looked sort of goofy as the intrinsic size of the title label grew when the animation takes place. This made the text animate, which was not what the developers were looking for. Instead of “(1a) grow the menu height while (1b) you change the text/size of the title (over the course of 1/3 of a second)”, they went with “(1) change the text/size of the title instantly, and (2) then grow the menu height (over the course of 1/3 of a second)”.

Hope that helps!