Beginning iOS 10 Part 1 Getting Started - Part 1: | Ray Wenderlich

This video introduces you to the world of iOS and will walk you through the process of making a game from the ground up.

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Thank you Brian! I find the course very useful and interesting!

Can I download the resources images for video projects?
I can’t find anywhere.
Could you please help me to download resources?

Hello i am ishan …i want to learn ios n swift …but have no money :pensive:…but want to make career in ios …can anyone tell me how to learn everything…when everything has paid version over here …i think the videos here are the best but i am having no money to access it :pensive: …please tell me

You can use the free tutorials which are also great for learning the basics (and even more!) of iOS and Swift :slight_smile:

Hi, I think that Udacity Courses are also a good choice to start, you can learn the basics and then try to make some stuffs. I have developed an iOS app and I think that the most important thing is learn how swift works, the second most important thing to get a job is learn data structures and algorithms.