Beginning Firebase - Part 12: Section Conclusion | Ray Wenderlich

This video concludes the first section on Firebase. It reviews what was covered, and what is coming up next.

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In each of the videos in this course so far, whenever you had a closure for some observe method, you never used [unowned self] or [weak self] in it, even though you access self inside the closure, for setting items, reloading table views and so on. Is this by design (i.e. do you have some reason for not doing it), or is it simply omitted so that we can focus only on the usage of the Firebase SDK?

Yeah, by not capturing the self as weak or unowned, there was a retain cycle. That was my bad. Sometimes I get focused on demonstrating the lesson vs. doing a best practice. So yes, this wasn’t stipulated by Firebase. Thanks for pointing it out.


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