Beginning CloudKit - Part 1: Introduction | Ray Wenderlich

Looking to tie your app into the Cloud? Learn all about Apple's solution, CloudKit, that allows you to have a persistent online backend for your app.

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Please subtitles thanks

@arturo Thanks very much for your suggestion. We will consider it for future video tutorials! If you are having any trouble understanding any of the course content, please feel free to post your questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them for you :slight_smile:

@arturo I did some fact finding, and discovered that we do indeed offer a subtitle feature to our videos. It is the button in the lower right, next to the full screen one.

Here is a screenshot of where it is:

I hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for a good tutorial.

After watching the tutorial I still have some questions in mind. You told about to use a Caching solution - what’s best?
And if I use model classes - as seen - where would you success to store all the CKRecord references?

Maybe these are possible topics for an intermediate CloudKit tutorial?

I think that we are missing a intermediate version of this tutorial, we have intermediate versions of core data and realm but not Cloudkit.

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I’d love if you created an updated version which goes through CloudKit in SwiftUI. :slight_smile: