Beginning Auto Layout - Part 1: Section 1: | Ray Wenderlich

An introduction to what Auto Layout is and why you need to use it in your apps.

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No offence to catie, but the voice comes out of the speakers creaky and isn’t pleasant to listen to.

That’s interesting. Although I would not use the word “creaky”, I initially had a similar negative reaction due to the sound quality not being as good when you can see the presenter as opposed to when they are off-screen (and demo-ing something using a different microphone set up presumably). Headphones help quite a bit here.
That said, I love both of their voices and them working together is an awesome mix. This awesomeness is especially apparent in video 3. Well done to both of you!

When I look at the course materials, I’m not seeing the image assets used in the demo project. Are they available to download somewhere??

@catie Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]