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Beginning Audio with AVFoundation: Series Introduction

Find out what's covered in our Beginning Audio with AVFoundation video tutorial series.

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One question and one request regarding this series:

Question: Will this series handle good practices? I am worried about some inherent problems that people have with some framework usage, such as declaring a sound as an SKAction which causes memory leaks.

Request: Would it be possible to talk about/use Midi in this series? There is no way to easily handle Midi files anymore in both iOS and OSX, and would be nice to see a good tutorial on it (making a piano app or piano tiles style game).

Hopefully one of these two would be possible.
Thank you.

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Hi, I’m looking for the way how to share audio on facebook. Anyone knows how to accomplish that? Thanks


I was wondering if there’s a text version of the code you add as you go along in the tutorial, as opposed to the final version of the app.

I’d like to be able to type things in myself, and refer back to what you’ve typed, but I’m finding it inconvenient to locate my bugs and typos easily when I have to find the frame in the video where you show what you have done.

I got to the point where the app is supposed to be recording and playing back but it doesn’t work, and it’s hard to know what i missed…