AWS Lambda Tutorial for Swift: Getting Started |

Swift is now available in the world of serverless functions via AWS Lambda! Get started deploying your first on-demand serverless function with our AWS Lambda for Swift tutorial.

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hi,Just finished the URL and I get the following message from the URL

{“message”:“Not Found”}

Hi Muaddib, sorry, just seeing this. Well, the message means that the function is working. Check your URL parameters and route to make sure the function knows what to do.

Hello, @amlug, thanks for your work, I have an issue when I run the docker cmd, the script end with this message:

error: root manifest not found 

do you have any idea to resolve this issue ?

Thanks for your helping

Do you have the Package.swift there? Do you run the command in the right folder.

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it’s an issue with docker on Mac m1 using docker context on other linux machine, maybe the Package.swift are on my Mac but not on other linux machine connected with docker context.

so I resolved the issue using my other Mac machine, all it’s fine now, thanks @amlug

Needs to be updated. Things work differently now but you can still make it work, also the link does not work.

I am also trying to follow this example but not able to get it run properly. Trying to debug locally also but getting error: “No value associated with key CodingKeys(stringValue: "version", intValue: nil) ("version").”, underlyingError: nil)))

Appreciate any help on this one!

You get the same issue when you test a Lambda online, there is a format for the JSON payload thats needed, I could try to find it…

@amlug You should update the aws dependency in Package.swift to fix the version at 0.1.0.

Currently it resolves to 0.4.0 and the method doesn’t give the whole APIGateway.V2.Request, only the body, so the decoding fails.

Thank you for this great tutorial!

In case someone else is following this from an Apple Silicon Mac and runs into this issue:

docker: no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the manifest list entries.

Insert this, into the docker run command:

--platform "linux/x86_64" \
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