AVSpeechSynthesizer and voice quality

Hi guys,

i’m trying to add to my app ijishonario - dizionario di kanji a new feature: pronunciation. to do that i’m trying to use this library:AVSpeechSynthesizer; and i’ve found there are two type of the same voice. for example for Alex voice, like Kyoko for japanese language or Alice for Italian language, there are two type of quality of voice: ‘default’ and ‘Enhanced’. because i use this feature to make pronunciation, i need a voice of highest quality that possible. i’ve found a tutorial that list all available voices and, also if there are both default and Enhanced voices, I can’t listen any difference.

how can i use the synthesizer with highest quality voices?

p.s. (currently i need to use two language: italian (then Alice (Enhanced)) and Japanese (Kyoko (Enhanced)).

please can you help me?

Thank you very much