Autolayout and concentrically smaller nested UIImageViews


I have a photoshop file with 8 concentric ‘rings’ (although some aren’t rings and are more irregular), with the largest at the ‘back’ and decreasing in size up to the 8th one being very small in the centre.

The ‘rings’ are drawn in such a way as that the smaller ones are ‘internal’ to its ‘outer’ or next larger ring. Each ‘ring’ has transparency on its outside, but also on its inside (where the smaller rings would ‘sit’).

I need to support all iOS devices (Universal App).

The largest image has a default size of 2048x2048 pixels, but every one of the 8 layers has a common ‘centre’ point around which they need to rotate, and around which they need to be fixed.

So, basically, all 8 have to be layered, one on top of the other, such that their centres are all perfectly aligned.

BUT the size of the artwork is larger than any iOS device, and the auto-layout has to allow for every device size and orientation, with the largest (rear) layer having an 8 point inset from the screen edges.

I’ve spent hours in auto-layout trying to sort this out, and when I’ve got it working on one device and both orientations, it’s not working on any others.

No code to show because I’m trying to do this in IB so I can preview on all devices.

Is this even possible using IB / Auto-Layout or do I have to switch to manually working out the scales by which to resize their UIImageView based on screen width / height at runtime and the relationship between each ‘ring’?

@annemarie1185 Do you still have issues with this?

No. Fixed it… but no thanks to anyone on these forums.

It seems NO ONE ever helps on here… I’ve posted about 6-8 questions, and none have had any help.

What’s the point?

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