Auto Layout Tutorial in iOS: Getting Started |

In this Auto Layout tutorial, you’ll learn how to use constraints and apply them to making iOS apps.

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This is an excellent tutorial. I’m forever having to rethink what I’m doing with AutoLayout, and invariably get it wrong in a million places. Sigh. This tutorial is a great refresher.
Dare I say, there is one thing else that I forever get mixed up, and that’s this bit. The paragraph that explains …

This toggles between a long title and a short title for the button that triggered the event. Connect this action method to both of the buttons in Interface Builder. Control-drag from each button to the view controller in the Document Outline and select buttonTapped : in the pop-up.

It’s the control drag bit. With no image displayed on how or what to drag - and my bad memory - I always have to fiddle around to find/remember what to connect.
Is it the Button on the Storyboard to the little round yellow dot at the top? Is it the (word) button in the left-hand panel to the Yello Dot, or to the button on the storyboard… And every tutorial I see doesn’t give a visual explanation of it. Just a thought to help out dummies like me.

But otherwise … love it.

@shanghaitimes Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated! We’ll take it into account for future updates. Thanks again!

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