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Auto Layout Tutorial in iOS 9 Part 2: Constraints

Learn the basics of auto layout including resolving layout conflicts in part 2 of this auto layout tutorial, fully up-to-date with iOS 9.

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Actually for the Gallery example, one can still use Size classes, because we can just build views and make the width half the superview’s width, and let the 2* height = superview.height - stausbarheight, we can add these constraints, I tried, one can make the Gallery work on different size of iPads/iPhones.

Brad, Thank you very much for the most excellent tutorial! I have gone from utterly confused to I can deal with Auto Layouts now.

can you suggest common layout for both iPhone & iPad.

Very good tutorial : )
I liked how you went from one problem + solution (easiest one) to another pair of problem + solution (to complicated one)!

Is there a tutorial on how to apply auto layout constraints in code? I need to set constraints for a WKWebView which I can’t do in Interface Builder.