Audio player for playing .mp3 files

Looking for audio player with in my app with back ground and in app play. Would like to show the audio controls with minimized view, while user is navigating other apps. Appreciate suggestions and reference to sample code. Thanks!

Hi @chakri, although I am not sure how far along you are with your audio player app, if you are just starting out here are some resources that may help:
Playing Media in Background with AVFoundation
Playing Audio in Background - RW Tutorial

As far as displaying a view with the audio controls, I don’t believe you can do that if the app is in the background and you’re wanting to have a view displayed on user’s phone. Unless you want to have the music running on the lock screen. Apple goes more in depth with background execution. Hopefully that will clear things up for you in regard to how you can execute background actions. Thank you for reaching out. Happy coding!


Was away for some time. Thanks for the inputs. Will go through tutorial and AVFoundation

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