ARKit/CoreML code and Xcode 9 are under NDA?

Hi, since i have not seen any screenshot of Xcode 9 in this site or any ARKit tutorial, are Xcode 9 and ARKit/CoreML code under NDA? If yes, when will be removed? because there are a lot of youtube tutorials showing Xcode 9 and ARKit code

Many thanks.

Hey @sheva!

Apple’s Developer License Agreement states the following:

Further, Apple agrees that You will not be bound by the foregoing confidentiality terms with regard to technical information about pre-release Apple Software and services disclosed by Apple at WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference), except that You may not post screen shots, write public reviews or redistribute any pre-release Apple Software or services.

I’m no legal expert but this basically means we can discuss things but can’t post any screenshots etc on the site. People going against this have technically violated their license agreement and this is why we need to wait until the software is no longer in beta before we can release anything :roll_eyes:.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face: