Arduino & Vapor


I’m learning Vapor and I don’t have a developer background. I want to feed my vapor cloud app with data coming from an Arduino and use as much as possible of the things I learned with Swift with Vapor. Would any of you have a suggestion on tutorial for doing this ?

So theoretically it’s possible. You are however going to hit issues running Swift on an Arduino - I’m not sure there is any 4.1 toolchain for an Arduino, Raspberry Pi support still doesn’t really exist. If you can get Swift to build on an Arduino, you will be most of the way there.

If I’ve misunderstood the question and you just want to send POST requests from your Arduino without Vapor and send it to a Vapor server running in Vapor Cloud then, yep! That will definitely work! As for a tutorial, the Arduino essentially acts as any other client would, including RESTed. So if you can use your app from RESTed, then it will work on an Arduino

Hi… not sure if you’re looking to build one from scratch for fun from the ground up, or are you moreless looking to fiddle with the programming?
If its the latter there is an open source mod on the works, and the price isn’t too terrible considering its overall potential. The whiteout, that I was referring to has there ‘os’ mod, which should be out soon will have multiple options from a modular aspect.

Could you share the reference?

I have worked with arduino’s and have a couple here. However, its generally been integrating them with sensors, actuators and engines. I know its more than feasible, cloudmaker is ‘putting together’ their plan on arduino (from what I comprehend conversing with Jeremy)… to be straightforward I’ve never considered doing one, I don’t have a clue why, yet I could kick myself presently, loll

I’ll unquestionably begin investigating it however!