Apple Removed SceneKit Particle System Templates (.scnp) in Xcode 11

I wanted to let everyone know that version 11 of Xcode does not permit generation of new SceneKit Particle System files (.scnp). There is apparently no explanation for this from Apple. Fortunately, you can find the relevant .scnp files in the provided resources for this book.

Push back on Apple anytime they do this. Let them know you don’t want them doing things this way. It is wrong.


Yeah, it sucks. Please check this thread on Apple Forums for “workarounds”.

I got it to work by creating a particle emitter in a .scn file then extracting it

func createTrail(color: UIColor, geometry: SCNGeometry) -> SCNParticleSystem {
    let scene = SCNScene(named: "GeometryFighter.scnassets/Scenes/Trail.scn")
    let node:SCNNode = (scene?.rootNode.childNode(withName: "Trail", recursively: true)!)!
    let particleSystem:SCNParticleSystem = (node.particleSystems?.first)!
    particleSystem.particleColor = color
    particleSystem.emitterShape = geometry
    return particleSystem

@viktorevil Thank you for sharing your solution - much appreciated! :]

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