Apple Photo App extracting photo meta data

Years ago I started taking pictures of the audio book dust covers of what I’ve listened to. I used some of the meta data tags to capture Title, Author and have a query in the Photo app where I can subset all the books I’ve listened to.

My goal is to extract that meta data and pull it into an Xcode App where I can supplement with more meta data. My UI goal is to have my phone app allow me to sort the titles, authors, etc. So while at the library I can use in searching the local library shelves.

As I have almost 700 books I don’t want to build the ‘data base’ & associate the pix from scratch, would like to leverage what I’ve established

I’m stuck on how to get to/ extract the meta data associated with the Photos. Looking for some examples on how to… have not found anything on YouTube or GitHub

Hi @berberich,

I’m not sure what you’ve tried already or what approach you want to take but here are some links with examples that could help you get started or point you in the right direction.
Getting UIImage MetaData without UIImagePickerController
Exporting images with metadata to photo gallery Swift 3
How to get image metadata with AVFoundation



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